Summer Brights

Just a quick post to show my new polish purchases - been wanting really, really bright polish for summer, which I sated with a quick trip to Sasa this evening with my pals, Eurica and Ivan! Nothing says summer like orange, pink and sky blue, right??

Pink, for some reason, is still my color of the summer this year! I must be going nuts because I'm starting to see pink all over!


I would like to thank H Rija for this award:

El Blog Mas Divetido Award, which also came with some questions, so here it goes -

If you did another blog, what about it could be? 

- Umm, probably art, random facts no one cares about, and books/movies - lots of them
If you could change your name, how it could be?

- Hmm..there are four names I like : Alexis, Madeline, Emily, and Morgan :) 

If you could born again, would you like to be a man or a woman? 

- I don't know, It would be nice to see what being a guy is like... 

If you could realize one wish, what could be?

- But I want it to come true!! :( Oh well, I wish for...I don't know right now, too much pressure :}
If you had a power, which one would you like to have?

- I want to FLY.  
If you had to buy a lot of perfumes from one specific brand, which one would be?   
- Finally, an easy question ;) ANNA SUI.  
If you had won a travel, which place would you like to go?  
- Hmmm..Either Bali, Boracay or Europe in general ;)


Till next post, lovelies!

- Che



  1. hey odd candy... we should follow each other what do you think:)

  2. You did the award questions!

    Also I love Anna Sui too!

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