Gothic Fringe

So one day not so long ago I was browsing through when I came across this top from French Connection::

And I said to myself, '$33.24 for this?? But I can make this top! If only I had the right kind of shirt---'

And then It hit me, I did...which is this long sleeved shirt which was once my dad's (see post here)

It was just stretchy enough, and was a good colour,, and so for the next two hours of that day I did nothing but cut, snip and cut some more, till finally, I made something sooo verry similar, if not almost identical to the shirt above

Here it is below :

I don't know why my first outfit with this top is soooo gothic, but I sort of like it! The setting fits, eh??

It reminds me a lot of the clothes I saw at the Coachella, and I might wear something really bohemian with it soon..

Do you guys think I should add more to it?? like studs or something, because I'm still not sure it's finished...

Anyways, till next time lovelies -

- Che -


Top : altered
Skirt : altered :P
Shoes : Sunstar
Bag : gifted
Necklace : China




  1. I love fringe too!!! and my goodness, your shoes are awesome!

  2. awww, how fabulous! you're right it's delightfully simple, yet I wouldn't have thought of it! it's nice to meet you, I'm following now :)

  3. thanks everyone for liking my new creation! Alex,welcome to my blog!

    - Che

  4. Love your outfit!!specially your heels!!

  5. Greetings, Chezka! This is a cute outfit with the fringe top, skirt, and those peep-toe wedge booties. Your face and smile are cute as well as your hair. Nice outfit! By the way, the necklace is nice, too. Also, this is my first time and first post here on "odd candy."

  6. I call it "successfully inspired"! Great outfit!

  7. Hello Chezka,

    First off, thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving comment! ;)

    Anyhoo, love love love fringeeee Reminded me of Coachella too! haha!


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