Back in our Studio

Macao's weather is becoming unbearable - like, shitty WTF weather - first it was very hott! So hot that we had to take these pics of our outfits in our homemade studio instead of the great outdoors, since the sun was in the mood to scorch anything that was not in the shade...and then it becomes all wet and rainy, and then cold, as if we were back in winter!

Miss mother nature, please find a happy medium!!

Anyways, a simple outfit to showcase my Steve Madden Cassie boots, a gift from my parents, which I love so much yet have not worn so much due to the treacherous height of the heel - I tripped four times the one and only time I tried to wear it in public...It is very comfortable though, and doesn't hurt as much as my other heels

I guess it could be a color block outfit, although not very in your face; really simple (except of course for the teensy fact that my shirt is completely see-through and my shoes are five-six inches high)

So here's me hoping for milder weather (unlikely, but wishing is for free) and I'll see you when I see you!

Bye lovelies!

- Che -


Shirt : Zara
Pants : Black Moss
Bag : China
Ring : our shop
Boots : Steve Madden
Brassiere : Sloggi





  1. I love your sheer blouse and clutch. Nice combination.

    With love,

  2. Great outfit! Love that shirt and boots!


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