Peaches & Pinks

I'M WEARING>> Top and bag: Zara// Skirt: Missguided// Shoes: Fenty x Puma// Sunnies: c/o Civion Vibe (instagram: @civionvibe)

Maybe not a total coincidence, but one of my absolute favorite fruits are peaches. In fact, full disclosure, I'm enjoying some yellow peaches right now as I type. Hehe.

Macau has been the usual dreary, gray nightmare it has been for most of the week, but fashion goes on right? Good thing we found this very pink wall and, paired with my equally bright peach skirt, was enough of a patch of brightness to temper the usual grey. 

Anyways, Leon and I had a quiet Saturday in, finally watching the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie (bit of a yawn), lounging around on our couch - leaving only to do some houseware shopping, - and eating Vietnamese food takeout on our couch. A short reprieve to take pictures once the sun sort of came up, coffee, and then back to our house. This weather really brings out the lazy in me.

Sigh. I wish to just wake up one day to autumn. This humid mess is unbearable. And, I got nothing else to report at the moment, so I'll see you soon? 

Till next time - Che



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