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Wow, I haven't done one of these in ages. But once in a while a special piece comes into my closet,  which this time is the very pink (read, "Cerise") sweater that was given to me by my sister, Kate, of KateeOTD, for my birthday. It's from H&M's summer collection. I'm not kidding, haha. Right now it's tucked in the confines of my closet until further notice because Macau still feels like the inside of a pressure cooker, but I thought I'd use this chance to dress vicariously through collages in the meantime.  So here are three looks I have in mind with this sweater for fall:

OUTFIT 1: City Girl Drama (pictured above)

AS SHOWN>> Skirt: From Pinterest// Boots: Balenciaga// Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim// Lingerie: Marks & Spencer// Camera: Fujifilm// Perfume: Marc Jacobs

Yep, I'm thinking my sweater, dramatic skirt, and white boots against the city skyline of New York City. Hey, I never said this list was going to be realistic. But sigh, I wish this could be a reality for me in some distant, unforeseeable future anyway.

OUTFIT 2: Coffee & Brunch

AS SHOWN>> Jeans: Topshop// Boots: Zara// Bag: Gucci// Bracelet: Pandora

Ahh, now this seems like something I would wear in a heartbeat once the temperature drops. I could picture this look in a cafe with friends for brunch or some other. Maybe by myself with a good book like I used to do before. I wish Macau had more small reading cafes, or at least some Al fresco options, but alas, we do not. This outfit, however, I do have, give or take a few pieces (cough *Gucci* cough, don't have one of those. Must get one of those). Oh and I need a book to read. Any suggestions?

OUTFIT 3: Clueless

AS SHOWN>> Pieces: Skirt: Tu//  Sunglasses: From Pinterest// Bag: Pellobello// Shoes: Zara// Perfume: Dior 

Before you tell me this is a bit much, okay maybe it's a bit much, but it's not much of a stretch from what Cher Horowitz wore to school (yes, the yellow suit). I can imagine wearing this outfit, chewing on pink bubblegum, frolicking with unicorns in a pink field. Hahaha. I'm only half-joking, but I think this look is not so much of a standout as you think, just change the fur bag for a sensible leather option, and you got yourself a great school/work/anything outfit.

Damn I can't wait to wear this sweater for realsies! 

Would you wear this pink sweater lovelies? How would you wear it?

Let me know in the comments below! See you soon - Che



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