New Heights

I'M WEARING>> Flannel: Uniqlo// Top: Asos// Pants: Veeko// Shoes: Converse// Sunnies: Monki// Bag: Forever 21

After almost a month of no inspiration clothes-wise, my inspiration to dress finally comes back with a vengeance. This outfit of mine got a lot of compliments today, which is always welcome and which always brightens my day, even by a little. A great outfit is like a natural high, and after weeks of being in a rut, finally putting something together is a very good high. Let's just hope this continues.

I actually thought of this outfit while lounging on our couch, wondering what to wear, and also if it would be wise to go buy some foundation before I took a bath (it wasn't, I still took a bath). I didn't think it would work because of the proportions of the pieces, but it looks just fine, right?

Anyways, so after this, it was off to the makeup store to grab my go-to foundation, a sponge, and some eyebrow tint. Oh and some impulsive, of-the-moment shopping. Hehe. Coffee with Leon and dinner with my sisters, this outfit was good for the rest of the afternoon. That and my Saturday was just amazing.

So, what do you think of this outfit? Yay? Nay? Sound off in the comments below! - Che



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