Rainbow Spice

I'M WEARING>> Top: Na-Kd// Pants: Reclaimed Vintage// Jacket: Levi's vintage via American Village// Shoes: Adidas

What should have been a good weekend was 'literally' dampened by the second Signal. N. 8 typhoon in a week. Macau has been lucky enough to be relatively safe zone climate-wise. You wouldn't think that this week. Typhoon Hato devastated Macau, and well, there's a lot of damage that's still there. We were, fortunately, safe, but Leon and I had to huddle on the floor away from the windows for two hours, and then make our way to my parents for the rest of the week. I just got home today.

Condolences to everyone lost. 

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of my system, because I've been thinking about it. Saturday went well for me. The night before, my sisters and I had a quiet games' night. Drinking was involved. It was fun! Hahah, and then we started Saturday late. I wore this simple, yet cool outfit. We ended the night with Annabelle: Creation, which made me forget how to breathe for its run time. Haha.

Then Sunday came, and so did the second typhoon. So really, I only had one day out. Sigh. Hopefully next week.

How was your weekend darlings? See you soon - Che



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