Dubrovnik Travel Diary

And here's my final entry to our sudden-yet-welcome European adventure. There's supposed to be a lot more pictures, but wouldn't you believe it - I lost my phone. Day 2 in Dubrovnik went a whole lot better than day 1, the start, at least.

Carla and I decided another trip to the beach was in order, but we weren't particularly taken with Banje Beach, which was crowded. Which is why we found ourselves at noontime in a public bus trying to find Casablanca, which, as far as Casablanca beaches went, was damn near perfect. The beach was crowded, but no as crowded, and since we were on holiday, we bought ourselves a beach bed to lounge in for a total of 5 hours. Yes, darlings, we spent 5 hours alternating between sleeping and impulsively jumping into the very blue, very clear, Adriatic Sea. Perfection. True perfection.

Then we headed back, went for a short souvenir hunt, and finally ended the night with the best party I have ever been in my life. A pub crawl. Carla and I may not be big on group tours, but I find myself itching to try one of these again. I have snippets of the night but not much else. Not enough to find my phone. Boo! Well, my mood went downhill after that.

But in any case, other than that, Dubrovnik was a dream from start to finish. Beautiful beyond compare and with enough activities to have kept us going for another few days. Two days was not enough, and until now, I find myself wishing I could go back, if only to jump into the Adriatic again. Because damn, that blue in the photos, I'm telling you, it doesn't do it justice!

Until my next adventure, lovelies! - Che



  1. Wow! Love the pictures, especially the one with the water and the island in the back. So pretty!!



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