Pajama Dressing

I'M WEARING>> Top: An Actual Pajama Top (vintage) // Coat: Monki// Pants: Zalora HK// Sunnies: Rayban// Bag: Something Borrowed// Hat: Asos// Necklace: Stradivarius// Shoes: c/o Zaful

So. We have come to this. Going out in actual pajamas instead of just ironic ones. I slept at my mom's house earlier this week when my aunts came over, and she handed me this top to sleep in. I had a ding ding ding moment, and asked her to give me something else, anything else, while I put that top in my bag. She asked me why I was so excited over some old pajama set, and if I needed sleepwear at home, so she could buy me some new ones. Hahaha. Sweet, right? Basically I just said, nope, I'm wearing this in public! 

Now here I am.

The weather had brightened up a lot since these photos, but on that day I was feeling very down and blue. Nothing I wore looked right for the dank, dark void that was Macau's spring. At that point I hadn't seen sunshine in two weeks. Yeah, I'm justifying pajamas, haha.

Anyways, I paired this bright red top with a lot of black and some cool sunnies that may have belonged to one of my many sisters. I did't have high hopes for great photos, but I think these came out great! What do you think?

Yeah, so that was my day, basically. After that we just went home and then just basically stayed home until Monday morning like hermits hiding from the bad weather, only to wake up to a beautiful day after that. Ugh. Macau hates me! Anyways, I'm excited for the upcoming weekend in any case haha! See you  soon - Che



  1. I'm absolutely in love with this outfit, your vintage red pajama is amazing, you have created a great combo! Have a nice week!


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