Bag Lady

I'M WEARING>> Jacket: vintage via Mayonnaise Vintage// Tee: Monki// Culottes and bag: Zalora HK// Shoes: Axel Arigato

Yep, call me Chezka the bag lady, armed with this large paper bag looking leather bag I now have in my closet, and these large muu mum pants. Again, I wish I could tell you these pants were some forgotten treasure at the bottom of a vintage pile, but nope, just Zalora, my one-stop shop for quick clothing fixes.

The temperature has dropped since that sliver of spring we had on Tuesday, and I found myself shivering uncontrollably while taking these shots. My fault though, I almost never follow my weather  reports and just wear whatever I want anyway. I was going for a sort-of mishmash of styles from the 90's. You know those grunge looks with the florals, denim, and Doc Martens? Yeah, but not too much, I updated it to match my style with these leather sneakers and my Whatever Forever tee, and of course, 'the bag' hahaha. I love this bag. So cute.

Anyways, Saturday was the usual fare for Leon and I. Surprise surprise we watched a movie. Nope not Beauty and the Beast, or even Kong, but LIFE - yep, that one with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. If you're a fan of space horror, you'd love this. It was very good. Please go watch it so we can talk space monsters and the 'theorised' aftermath of scientific tinkering with alien life forms! Hahaha, it's a topic starter.

So, that's all to update right now, so I'll see you soon loves! Have a fantastic weekend - Che



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