A Manila Minute

So, Carla and I were in Manila lately for work. Though fun, I actually had no time for anything other than the tasks at hand, except for a few hours one day when we went out to the pool area of the Solaire Resort, and took some photos while being fully dressed next to a swimming pool. Haha. Oh and then I returned, but then I got very sick. I'll be back to full shape by the weekend, so hopefully we'll have new material soon.

I'm not always in Manila, but I try to enjoy as much as possible every time I'm there. Wow, the last time I was in Manila was actually for my friend's wedding last year. Remember THIS? It's fun to come back once in a while, meet new people, and enjoy some sights - when I wasn't knee-deep in work, of course. Haha. My mom was in Manila at the same time, so we got to meet up there, which was fun, though short.

This outfit was one I wore on a day Carla and I were to venture into the city proper for some errands. It was something threw on without a second thought, basically. Cool though, eh? I actually quite love it.

Solaire's a pretty hotel, ain't it? Damn, Wicked was playing at the theatre there, but I didn't get to watch! Like, OMG. Always next time, I guess.

Anyways, my brain is still fried, so I'm gonna end here for now. Hopefully, I'll be better by the next post! See you soon, darlings! - Che



  1. Haha fully dressed by the pool xD Hey, it does look great as a setting for an outfit! I love these shots, so photographic and pretty :D

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