Flower Power

It's been so long since we had a beautiful day. This was probably the last one, two weeks ago. Now it's just all fog and sadness and grey.

Leon and I had actually already completed my photos for this outfit, which you have seen. What you don't know is that after the first photoshoot, Leon begged me to drive around to look for some unique pokemon for his Pokemon Go. We were hunting for a Lickitung somewhere in my little town when I chanced upon this pink wall, with beautiful bougainvilleas on the top, just standing there.

It was so pretty that I begged Leon to stop his damn Poke-hunt and get me some cute pictures. We just took this with my phone. No pressure.

I love this jacket against the wall, don't you? I do wish this weekend gives us even a sliver of sunshine for me. Sigh. Let's hope for the best! See you gals next time. What do you think of this cool outfit?

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