Shanghai | So Faux, So Furry

I'M WEARING>> Fur: Vintage via Harajuku, Japan// Shirt: Uniqlo// Jeans: Asos// Boots: Something Borrowed// Sunnies: via Yuyuan Market// Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim

Remember when I said in my Tokyo Shopping post that maybe I went a little crazy with the shopping spree while I was in Harajuku? Behold, one of the results of my crazy, a faux fur coat I bought in September, when the weather was not really sure whether it was time to be cold or not. The sweet, old man manning the stall where I bought it (no physical store, it was just an outdoor stall, literally) looked at me quite weirdly and said "the original price is 46,000 yen, but since it is quite hot, how about I give it to you for 7,000 yen?" Yep, I forgot all about budgeting after that!

I haven't worn it in Macau, since I wanted the weather to justify me in a big, black fur coat, so when we finalized our trip to Shanghai and I saw how low the temperature was going to be, it seemed like the perfect opportunity, and it was! I wore this when we went to the amazing ancient water town just on the outskirts of Shanghai. The weather forecast said it would be kind of sunny, but I thought when they said the temperature would dip to 2 degrees it was some kind of fluke. Hahaha. Yeah, I know it's colder in other places, but my gosh, the coldest in Macau is 5. Hahahah. So I was pretty toasty the whole day, and my whole family said they couldn't help touching my coat or giving me hugs the entire day -  so I guess good for me. This place is actually beautiful, with so many things to see, so you can stay tuned for that with my next post. For now, bye, see you soon!



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