Santa Baby

I'M WEARING>> Top: Boohoo// Jacket: Levis via Mayonnaise Vintage// Skirt: Something Borrowed// Boots: Truffle Collection// Watch: Asos// Bag: Zara

Home stretch until holiday time. Out tree is up, our presents are wrapped, and our bags are packed. This holiday season we are going to Shanghai! Just five days with the whole family, Leon, and my bestie. Oh I cannot wait, I need to get out of Macau, even for a few days.

Anyways, even though I look either like I'm a Christmas super fan or else celebrating the 4th of July just a few months too late, I actually did not buy this skirt for the holidays, hehe...I just have an affinity for the color red, and it has a pretty awesome shape. Just a simple weekend look for a very simple Sunday. Yep, I'm going to save all my strength for the upcoming activities. Don't worry babes! You will be right there with me =) See you soon.



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