Shanghai | Camel Coat Weather

I'M WEARING>> Sweater: Forever 21// Dungarees: New Look// Boots: Something Borrowed// Coat: Asos// Bag: Philip Lim 3.1// Sunnies: Yuyuan Market, Shanghai

This would be the first time I travelled to a place colder than my own, since my escape places usually have those three basic ingredients - Sun, sea and sand. But I never imagined how much fun it would be.  I mean, the outfits are cool, and you have a completely different set of activities other than getting a tan and lounging on the beach.

Shanghai was a revelation. My expectations were quite low for this place, since I wanted to travel out of China, not very much in it. But upon getting there - whoa. There's so much things to do! We visited the Oriental Pearl Tower, which is my mom's favourite place, and the setting of these pictures, the beautiful Xintiandi. It was a perfect blend of Chinese and European styles, and probably the place to be when you want to shop, chill and take amazing Shanghai pictures! Hehehe...I took so much pictures that this post has a part two. 

So I leave this for you, for now! We are preparing for the Christmas Eve Feast and there is still so much to do! Stay tuned for even more pictures, coming soon.



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