Tokyo Shopping

Top: H&M// Skirt: Zalora// Boots: Monki// Bag: Zara

Shopping in Tokyo is every bit as amazing as you'd think. Again, we didn't have so much time, so we were very specific on which locations to go for a quick shopping fix. So many places I missed - Shinjuku, half of Shibuya, Roppongi, blah blah blah...but one place I simply could not miss was Harajuku, of course. I went there not so much for the shopping, but more for the street style, the vibe. Oh darlings, it is everything I knew it would be, and more. Even if Leon and I weren't there to shop, we couldn't help it, there was just too much good stuff. I went on a bender, getting black leather Stans Smiths, a long duster coat and a fur coat from an outdoor thrift stall. Yep. Weird purchases for a traveler on a budget...but, so worth it! Don't feel bad for Leon, as he got himself a cool pair of cork Nikes, and some awesome reflective sunnies boy is turning into me in the shopping department. The verdict? You should definitely visit Harajuku, but be very selective with what you buy because your money will definitely fly out of your wallet if you're not careful! Also, it is crowded as hell, but pick a spot, sit and just people-watch. The outfits are amazing.

Also up on our list? Akihabara, the otaku and anime shopping district. I finally tried a maid cafe!, which was definitely one for the bucket list. Also I bought some of the souvenirs requested by my sisters - a complete "Attack on Titans" costume set and "One piece" collectible figurines. You should have seen their faces.

Anyways, there's only one post left of my amazing trip to Japan. Hope you tune in, and what do you think of my outfit, by the way? I had to step up my outfit game in Tokyo, tee hee. - Che



  1. Amazing pictures, it must be so fun to be in Tokyo :)
    You look adorable by the way, I love how you mixed the prints.

    Johanna. ♥

  2. Che, your print on print is lovely!:D I've been to Tokyo but when I was very little, I do remember the trip (not everything though) and I remember loving Tokyo despite my 5 year old curiosity as to why there was a very short table and no chairs. AHAHA
    I want to go back, this time for the shopping and for my head to actually remember what I did. Harajuku is now on my list of places to go when in Tokyo. :)

    ♥ Charms | à la Charms

    1. Hahhaha, that's so cute! Yeah, you should definitely visit again with fresh eyes, and trust me, put a chain on your wallet, tee hee, thanks pretty!

  3. great outfit sweetie!!
    back to sending my love from the sandpit...

  4. great outfit sweetie!!
    back to sending my love from the sandpit...

  5. I hope one day I find out how awesome it is to shop in Tokyo....sigh. Till then I'll live vicariously through your
    Love the mixed prints you rocked!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

  6. Adorable top. Your photos are wonderful. Kisses :)

  7. Gosh, i really want to visit all these places! LOVE IT!!!
    Agnes from HUNGARY


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