Truly Madly Deeply-esque

Top: DIY// Skirt, Sunnies & denim shirt: local stores// Bag: Bershka// Booties: Bertie// Bracelets: borrowed from sister

Do you sweeties know that awesome t-shirt collection from Truly Madly Deeply? The one with the leopard cross in the middle? Well, that's exactly what I did on the previously DIY'ed shirt I have in the back of my closet. See that post here. Yes, I did a hatchet job out of it but what the heck? Ain't it a little cute anyways? So, the outfit of the day - just the basic pieces. A black bodycon skirt, denim shirt and easy add-ons. The weather is so effing stuffy.

Anyways, ooh, angry face. Weekends are notoriously bad days for photos! There's so many people in the street, and here where I live, only few people will move out of your way or say 'excuse me'. The others will just walk directly into your shot, like they were supposed to be there all along. Ugh. It really just pisses me off sometimes.

Finally, September is coming. August is always the least favorite month for me, this year's included. It sounds stupid but I guess that's really how I feel. Well, just another Sunday afternoon we spent mostly at home. Leon made dinner, I tried to make sense of my closet, we walked the dog. Ahhhh...domestic bliss =) Till next time - Che



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