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I was feeling all sorts of laziness today, so I decided Leon and I should just take pseudo-artsy shots at home. Who knew? Just a fur coat and red lips. Well, the makeup is leftover from my day at work. I just thought I shouldn't put it to waste.

Anyways, don't you agree that my hair has reached that period where I should do something with it? Anything, just a change! So, to date - I've done bangs (haha!), dip dyed hair, and, wouldn't you know it, but I once had extensions that reached my butt. Haha, imagine my head of curls that long and thick...yep, I was a real witchy for a while. 

But back to the story - what should I do now? I'm contemplating straightening it, shortening it, or just plain changing it. But I don't know - I do love my tumbling curls (especially when they're in a good mood) so it would break my heart if I lose them again. Grrr! I'll probably wear a wig by the time I get this sorted, so see you with my blonde gaga hair soon! - Che

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  1. NOOOO!!! Don't change your hair! In my opinion you shouldn't straighten it or cut it short, hell no. Maybe a little change in the model or some highlights in an awesome color, else I'll just let it be, your hair is absolutely gorgeous Che.


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