Tank Top: local store// Jeans: Mossimo// Sneakers: Converse// Bag & Bangles: Forever 21

Some clothes need no introduction. They don't need fanfare, and yet they will steal the show! I think I've been lucky enough to have some of these kinds of tops, a new addition of which is this one - the AZTEC tank. It just screams at you, right? I was so inspired by the pink that I bought a phone case in almost the same shade. I guess it's a pink summer once again. Well, from the wet ground and lack of sun in these photos yes it is safe to assume that it was raining. Ugh. Just a few hours before this, actually, the sun was scorching in the sky! Not fair.

I was having a great day-off till about when these shots were taken. But enough about that...anyways, this day was my day-off. Leon and I had a trying time last week, with the different schedules, crappy weather and what not, so we did not get to take even one decent shot. And again my week of photos start like this! But it's okay, something is better than nothing. So, on this day, I had to go for my errands. Lots of errands (they have sort of piled up). Originally this outfit was to be worn with heels, but who would believe that I do my errands in heels right? And Leon had just bought me these sneakers, the iconic Converse sneakers.

Would you believe me if I told you I have never owned one of these? But I sure am enjoying them all the same - they feel amazing even after a full day with my BFF, Leon, and Penguin and Carla. Ahh...Good day. For sure there are more good days to come. I'll be doing a little inking very soon. Excited much? Till next time - Che



  1. Amazing look!!
    Lovely blog!!!
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  2. omg I love your hair and you are so gorgeous! Have a great week =)

  3. omg! I think I saw this top in a local boutique here in Hong Kong!:D I was contemplating on whether to get it or not but now that it looks so lovely on you, I want to get it!xD HAHAHAHA I love this whole outfit, ang ganda mo!:D

    If you'd like to, check mine out as well?:)
    My ∞ Fashion Confession

    1. Yes you definitely should :) it's so statement that it's basic, actually. I could pair it many different ways. Thanks so much sweetie, I'll be sure to check your site!

  4. Beautiful my dear! so beautiful! love this look ;)

  5. I love this outfit...very edgy yet still sweet and cute!!!
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  6. Such a cute top! Aztec prints are and will always be my fav prints of all time, totally into anything Aztec printed (my hub is from Mexico City :D). And I just took the exact same pair of jeans out of my closet, how crazy is that? You look very cute!

    XOXO from the Netherlands,

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