Versace for H&M - My Xmas Wishlist

Yep, I guess it's time I told you guys what I'm craving this Christmas, which is the Versace for H&M Collection..yes, I know there are other pretty things out there, but I don't know, bustiers, cancun prints and old sexy mama heels?? they just clicked for me! If I were to choose only one, It would definitely be one of two options:

Yeah, I'm a jacket junkie, and these two are so beautiful in their own way...If I have to choose from either, I don't know what I'll do!!! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Santa is listening!!

Till next post, lovelies,
Kisses, Che



  1. VERSACE for H&M. We have an H&M in Buffalo, NY. It just opened. I am not a huge fan of H&M, but I think we have this line too!
    Thanks for the comment! You should totally bring one of your designs to life- for em I always start with something on paper, but it never ends up being that. hahah. We should follow each other!
    I wanna see some of your designs :)

    Happy Advent Week3,

  2. I love your list it's very fab I might add. The purse is bananas and I am a sucker for black dresses. I love the two jackets you picked out they are total rocking and this is coming from a jacket junkie herself :)

  3. I love it! I remember seeing Kanye West with the second jacket on the VS Fashion Show, I didn't know there was a girl version hah!

  4. Da erinnere ich mich auch sehr gerne zurück. Die Jacken waren schon echt klasse.


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