Hey Lovelies! Long time no post again, hehe, sorry, we've been moving to a new flat from the old one, hence no internet...sigh* It's been another long time, I know. But I'm back with a new post!!

So, yeah, as my title states, it's been cold here in Macao, which is why it was time to bring out my over-the knee boots, which have been waiting forever to get featured on this blog. Yeah, I bought them last year as winter ended on a sale.

Here's more pics!!

Im so glad it's almost Christmas, which means it's almost holidays, which means I don't have to go to school anymore. School's been horrific! Anyways, wish me luck for the exams.

Till next post lovelies,
- Che


Top : MPT
Jeans : Esprit
Perfecto : Sisi
Boots : China
Wood Necklace : Mansi
Cross Necklace : Swarovski (gifted)




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