Big Girl, Big Coat

It is now very very cold, no surprise as it is December, only a few days till, what's with the title of this post? you lovelies may ask...well, it's something I've been always insecure about, even more when I started this blog - my figure.

Yeah, now that winter has come, I've had no choice but to wear all these thick coats and jackets, and I've always been chubby, so yeah, sometimes I hate to say I usually end up looking like a puffy marshmallow. But we girls still have to consider the issues of coldness right? hence, we have to wear the coat. But here are some ways - I found the hard way, unfortunately - to make winter bulky coats a more acceptable part of winter

The key is thin layers, if you have to weat a puffy coat, go for tights, skinnies and fitted cardigans underneath.

And proportion. Usually wearing a bulky top will make me wear skinny everything from the waist down. Like my pictures above - cutoffs and tights. It streamlines the look and makes it look trendy, not sloppy (just my guess, hehe)

And finally, be confident. I'm not, but I'm trying to be. We're all beautiful in our own way :)

Just one of those trips with Mr L where he fortunately brings that monstrously big camera of his...these were taken at sunset, I thought the lighting was so beautiful!

Well, till next post lovelies,
- Che


Sweater : thrifted
Shorts : DIY
Boots : Pull and Bear
Coat : thrifted
Scarf : Thailand




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