Christmas in Macau

I've been so busy with school, projects, exams and everything that I almost forgot how close Christmas was...till I saw Macao's main square, Leal Senado, light up once again! I got to hand it to them, they make Christmas verry pretty!

I can't wait for the holidays, after all the stuff I had to do, I deserve a break!!

Here are some photos taken one rare day we were not busy with school...Mr L took them on his camera :) More pics belowwwww!

Haizz, almost the holidays, I can already smell the peppermint and gingerbread :P

Anyways, till next post, lovelies!
- Che


Top : altered dress
Leather Jacket : Sisi
Jeans : Lee
Boots : Pull and Bear
Bag : thrifted





  1. Beautiful pictures, I love your bag, it looks totally cool in your outfit :)

    See you and have a cute day!


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