Fall on me

Fall has come to Macao early this year, I mean, can you believe it? Because I seriously can't, as it was scorching hot just a couple of weeks ago. But one day, it just became cold, and voila, here we are again with cardigans, blazers, sweaters, stockings blah blah blah!! I'm so psyched -- alright, enough talking, let's move on to pictures!

Okay, you may ask why my pictures look different from the usual pictures on OddCandy, but you see, these were taken by Leon Lee (Mr. L on this blog), my new boyfriend, with his camera. Let's just say he's the best extra perk I got from my internship, anyways, scroll all the way down for a sneak peek of him ;)

Oh and the band-aid on my head is something I got from the accident I told you all of in the last post..hehehe..I won't be wearing heels for a while either :(

Anyways, I'm glad fall is back~~ and I'll try to post very very soon!

Till next post lovelies!
- Che


Cardigan : Daddy's closet
Flannel shirt : China
Skirt : DIY
Flats : Esprit
Bag : Sunstar





  1. Very cute outfit - thanks for your comment and i will follow back x


  2. Love this blog girl!!!!!!
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    XOXO Teo

  3. you look so adorable sweet outfit


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