Not over Sheer!

Hey lovelies! It's been a while, I know, but I'm back :)

So, it continues to be cool here in Macao, so I've really gotten the chance to re-wear all my thinner jackets, which have been rotting away in my closet alllll summer! But, as my post title states, I am not ready to let go of summer trends - especially sheer - just yet!! So I decided to mix this lovely sheer pink top (bought in sales) with heavier, more fall separates :)

More pics down sweeties!!

Do y'all know something I'm so excited about? A Halloween Bash in HK with my boyfriend this weekend! I'm sure it will be a blast and I will have many pics to share with you all!! Only there are some complications - *fingers crossed* wish me luck!! Hope nothing goes wrong!

Have a nice weekend lovelies!! I'll see you in two days!!

- Che


Top : Black Moss
Leather Jacket : Sisi
Shorts : Mango
Tight : HK
Wedges : Sunstar
Watch : Swatch (gifted)
Necklace : Swarovski (gifted)




  1. Sheer is addictive aite ? :D Love how you match the bursting pink sheer while dressing up for the cold weather, Fall doesn't meant black and grey only ;D Look forward for your Halloween post, have a good day ;D


  2. Gosh girl you were saying something about my hair but yours is more beautiful,and i so love the way you're dressed here:X:X

    XOXO Teo


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