Boots + Sweater = LOVE

Remember these cosmic beauties I got when winter was almost over? Well, I'm glad to say they're back!! and I love them to bits!!! These they're-black-they're-grey boots deserve more airtime on this blog, and for sure this is not the last you will see them.

Now, as for the sweater, well, it is the same one as last time, but I altered it a bit, just a little snip here and there and Voila! A new sweater! Scroll down for the pictures!

The skirt is a more recent purchase, to add to my obsession with sheer for fall looks~~

On other things, my HK trip was a failure, immigration didn't let me through, but I'm not giving up! Good thing Mr. L was so understanding. We've rebooked for next Friday - I'm wishing for the best!

Anyways, till next post lovelies!

- Che


Sweater : River Island
Skirt : Mansi
Boots : thrifted
Bag : Sunstar




  1. Your sweater is totally rocking this outfit!
    Too cute!

    have a nice day.
    See you!

  2. These boots are super-cool ;)

    Why don't you check out my giveaway? There's cool stuff to win!


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