Halloween Bash!

Hey everyone! It's been a busy week for me recently, as I graduated from higher studies (one year to go!! yippee!!) last week, and celebrated Halloween at Hard Rock + MGM Lion's Bar just last weekend. As always, I'm still quite tipsy from the party mood and could barely focus on my studies + errands this week.

We had an awesome time though - I love costumes! I was Harlequinn (or the female version of joker) I'm so proud of me because I made the top part of the costume! Whew, thought I would never get it done...

Every good thing though, comes with bad news, because my remaining grandfather has just passed away, and what's sad is I could not go with the rest of my family to the funeral. Who knew it would happen so quickly? Lolo, I hope you're happy wherever you are...well, till next post, see you lovelies :) How was your halloween?


Shirt : Baleno (design is DIY)
Leggings : Mansi
Boots : thrifted
Hat : Macao Costumes




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