Before the Storm

These shots were taken literally before the storm, like, a couple of minutes before damp, strong wind blew into my face, starting the typhoon, and did not stop for the next couple of about lucky. Anyway, here's featuring my new red cardigan and my trusty chambray shirt!

Sea Lion (ughh, my sisters came up with this ridiculous nickname for Mr L) wanted to try his mate's new Canon, hence these photos, I don't know, I like his camera better (Check my 'Falling on me' post) but it's not that bad, I guess...

Now a new storm is coming, the storm of project submissions I will have to complete before the year is over! Wish me luck, lovelies! Till next post

- Che


Cardigan & Shirt : Black Moss
Black Jeans : Stradivarius
Wedges : Sunstar
Bag : Esprit
Cross Necklace : Swarovski (gifted)





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