Suburban Safari

Ok, so I was feeling a little wild lately, summer's almost over, that much was for sure, because the weather was starting to bite again...last time to wear prints together that remind us of an African Safari!! Rawr :))

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, really, seriously there's a legitimate excuse this time..hmmm...I fell from a great height (not at the tower, of course) and got a swollen left foot, swollen right knee, and a large mark on my forehead :( and also, it was my birthday month, meaning things were even more hectic than usual as I planned my party, and attended my friends' parties, schoolwork, and a big news (for me) I'd rather show you in the future than tell you!! Don't worry, as soon as I can walk (And pose) again, I'll put OddCandy back on track :))

Thanks for reading this far, lovelies!!

- Che


Kimono : Cinderella
Skirt : Mansi (local)
Wedges : Forever21
Bag : Zara





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