Back to School!

Hey everyone! I know it's been a long time since i've posted on OddCandy, but like I said, I'm not giving up on it again! Well, classes have since started and honestly I'm finding it really hard to re-adapt to the school environment. From Jump deck to Classroom..still getting used to it.

On the plus side though, I get to wear the majority of my clothes again, as it wasnt really possible to wear high heels to work.

I will dedicate a separate post to my internship, as just mentioning it here won't be enough to express how much I loved working there..I'll update on this soon!

As for now, here's my first-day outfit, featuring some new items I bought throughout the summer!!

The blazer is something I bought two months ago, in June. It was last piece and 50% off, I just had to have it, glad I did because it is beautiful! Expect more of it as the berrrr months come!

Another special item is this watch from Swatch given to me by a very special friend. It's exactly my taste and really workable with my wardrobe!! I know this post is sort of pictures overload, but we haven't had a shoot in a while so it was just so exciting taking shots again, even if there were so many people -- well, that's why it's 'street' style right??

Anyways, till next post lovelies!!
- Che


Blazer : Friendly
Top : Cantwo
Shorts : romper from Red Market (worn as shorts)
Bag : Zara
Black Jelly Bracelet : AJ Hackett
Watch : Swatch (gifted)
Sunnies : Forever 21
Shoes : Sunstar





  1. looove your outfit!it's amazing!

  2. Love everything about your outfit! ..but I love the top the most!


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