Under the Sea

Sometimes, when I'm at work with the sun scorching down my back, I think of swimming, of beaches, of water...I am such a water-lover that I'm convinced I was a mermaid in a prior life.

This outfit is inspired by the beach, which is why it is in shades of blue, sea green and sand (on my shoes)

I was so pleased with it I think I might post looks inspired by the other elements as well - fire, air and earth. Will update on this soon!

I wish I could travel somewhere...Do Bali all over again because it was so awesome! My friends and I are thinking Boracay in the Philippines this December, but it's unofficial! Anyways, December, please come soon!

Thanks for reading this far, lovelies!!

- Che


Top : Black Moss
Dress (worn as skirt) : Seventeen
Wedges : Forever 21
Bag : China





  1. Pretty and chic! Love that dress! :)


  2. what i'd give to be at the beach....anyways you look so cute!!!

  3. You had me at the beach gur... Let's go to the beach! hehe


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