In an old post I mentioned that my mommy bought me another article of clothing lately, well, here it is, bright ORANGE pants!! Did I mention how much I love them yet?? No?? Well, I love them, because they're so bright and orange :)))

Also in this post, my new Belle booties, which I bought for 50% off, verry subtle yet cool. My gay friend helped pick them out for me and I love them!

I really have a thing for cross jewellery, as I recently bought this necklace and another cross item that you will see in this blog soon!

I have been partying almost every week this past month and I know I have promised time and time again to post some of them on this blog but I haven't yet -- I will try to soon! Promise :)

Till nest post,
- Che


Top : thrifted
Pants : gifted
Shoes : Belle
Necklace : Collie





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