Colour of my summer

Pink, I can't tell you how odd it is that PINK, of all the colors available to me in the color wheel, is my official color for this summer. But it is. And I love it!!

Just a simple outfit using stuff I already own - these shorts, for instance - which I love to bits!!

Anyway, I'm sorry for my lack of posts, which is because my computer had this really bad tantrum that spanned a couple of days; It wouldn't connect to the internet for some reason!! I was sooo frustrated! Might have to buy a new one soon, I'm thinking of getting an iPad...hmm...still thinking...

Oh, and I bought another beautiful thing recently. I am really proud of them and will post them soon!!

This shoot reminds me of some chick-flick I can't seem to remember, so pink and girly!!

Till next time lovelies
- Che


Top : MPT
Shorts : Sunstar
Sunnies : borrowed from Carla Violet



Here's some outtakes of the shoot of me, being the klutz that I am, tripping as I changed pose..haiii :



  1. Great outfit! I love the pink and the nude color combination. You look lovely.

  2. I like it a lot :)
    Your bow belt is really sweet.
    Thanks for your comment cutie! I'm your new follower.

    See you soon ;)

  3. wow what a great colour!!! Loving your fuchsia top!
    Come follow my blog hun :)

  4. Your top and shorts are so feminine. Your shoes added edge. Love the combination! Would you like us to follow each other? I'd be glad to follow yours :)

  5. Thanks lovelies for the comments :))

    Deppa dear, congrats on being my 50th follower :) welcome to my blog!!

    - Che

  6. I love love love this outfit! Simple yet stylish! And the shoes!!!!! Omgsssh, really cool :)

    Check out my blog sometime :)


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