Pretty in prints

Alrighty, these pants are my mom's...until I took them and grinned at her, sort of telling her that they're mine now, hehe...they're really beautiful, not understated in any way...and a million outfits are forming in my mind on how to wear them because they are really comfortable, like wearing air, but less transparent ;)

I know my jewelry seems to be so repetitive, but at my work we're only allowed certain kinds of jewelry. The cross ring is my new fave accessory since I already told you I have a weakness for cross jewelry; It adds pizazz to my outfit, noh??

I haven't had a post with my bangs down in ages, so I think it feels sort of different, but I love it, anyway!!

Thanks for reading, lovelies
- Che

Top : China
Pants : China??
Wedges : Sunstar
Ring : Sunstar





  1. wow... the prints are so bold and powerful... however it looks awesome=D

  2. Yeah che I agree... I still have your cross necklace and sorry to say, but I've been wearing it since haha =) I'll give em back and buy my own =)
    love ya

  3. You definitely rock the pants! Tho its your mom's :D Thanks for dropping by my blog <3 Am following your blog now, loving your outfit :D Would be more than happy if you could do the same! :D



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