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On this blog, we have discussed my outfits at long, long - unhealthy, some might say - lengths. We have talked about my favorite coats, shoes, and bags (brownie points to readers who still know, haha). But looking back, I realized that there was one part of the outfit we have not covered, and those are intimates. More specifically, the bra. Me, personally, I have large girls, so bras have always been something I've had to live with, and it doesn't always work out. Forget about the pretty one for the holidays - I give up, that sort of thing. Commando is in, "Free the Nipple" and all that.

But bras are important, and the right one always completes an outfit, keeping your girls where you want them. Especially when you're planning to party the night away or even jump around the clock at New Years (Filipino thing - to get taller!).

So, working with ThirdLove, we've come up with a quiz to know what bra actually matches your personality, just in time for this holiday season. Oh and when you're done, there's a 15% code for you waiting at the end. 

My personality bra will also be below, and don't forget to share me yours! We can talk bras all day.

I'm the 24/7 Classic T-shirt, which means I love Christmas season, and you all know I love me a dose of Holiday Cheer! So what's yours?

Oh and go on over to ThirdLove and plug in the following code for 15% off for your perfect bra:  TLNOVBB15!

See you darlings soon - Che



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