ZAFUL | Modern Pastels

I'M WEARING >> Bag: c/o Zaful// Top: H&M// Trousers: Uniqlo// Boots: Monki// Sunnies: Yuyuan Market, Shanghai// Necklace: Aldo

Hi darlings! Long time no see. I was getting jittery haha. I'm trying to work around my current schedule to get you lovelies more posts, but let's see how it goes.

Anyways, the weekend. We had a great one, thank you for asking. Sunny skies, cool enough for this dusky pink 3/4 sleeve sweater I saw while browsing the stands at H&M a month back. We had just come back from watching a movie, and well, the shop is right in front of the elevators to the car park! Haha. We went to the annual Macao Foodfest - big mistake, seeing how it was packed to the brim with people and I got a tummy ache from whatever it was I chose to eat. Still. Local food is love.

Then there's this insane bag! My gosh, how I love it. So different. The strap is removable so I'm planning to attach it to some other bags I have, tee hee. Let's see how that goes. This bag was courtesy of the lovely people from Zaful, which has some pretty mouth-watering pieces! I recommend them to pieces, darlings. Really good quality items. Can't wait to show you the shoes I chose in action.

So, how was you weekend? Only good things I hope! I'll see you soon darlings! - Che

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  1. You're the coolest! Love everything you wear!

  2. Amazing photos sweetie! You look wonderful!
    Kiss kiss
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    Trendy Tips Trendy Girls

  3. These photos are wonderful and I adore your bag, the colors and print are so fun and pop beautifully against your outfit! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  4. You look amazing! Love that color on you!