Granny's Drapes

I'M WEARING>> Dress: Zalora // Jacket: Asos // Boots: Truffle Collection// Bag: Zara// Necklace: Aldo

Hi darlings! Okay, so today I stole granny's velvet drapes and fashioned them into this dress. Haha. Nope, it's Zalora. Not the most exciting of origins but hey, ain't this dress all sorts of great? It's velvet, and shiny, and florals in the most non-floral way. I love it! I wanted a 70's streetstyle look (of course) that didn't scream too much 70's, hence the bomber jacket - keeping this look firmly in the modern world, and thigh highs. Not so sure it was cold enough for this outfit, but I couldn't help it.

Outfits scream out to me, you know. 

Anyways, I was having a very illuminating discussion with my friend just the other day. I asked her what she thought would be people's first impression of me. You know what she said? She said people probably thought I was aloof. I have resting bitch face, apparently. 

She laughed when I said I always thought people first thought I was nice. Hahaha, who knew?

For the record, if you ever see me on the street, come up and say hi. I'm nice. Haha, I won't bite. Disregard the bitch face, I probably just didn't have enough coffee that morning. 

So, do you like my outfit? Yay? Nay? And hands up for all of you out there with the same problem! Tee hee, I'll see you soon! - Che



  1. Love this look, super chic! xx

  2. Bahahaa oh man, I have a friend who has resting bitch face too xD I would definitely come say hello though, lol if only to tell you I love your granny patterned dress ;) It seriously looks cool and you gave it your typical badass spin on it. Love it!

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  3. You have such a unique sense of style! I love your cropped bomber!

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