Bangkok | Temple Run

Top, Necklace & Trousers: Forever 21// Bag: Monki// Sandals: Birkenstock// Sunnies: Bershka

Hi lovelies, to say I missed you is an understatement! But with the schedule I have it's been hard finding time to fix my pictures Sigh...Thailand though...still as warm and beautiful as I remembered. It is one of those perfect getaway destinations you should see for yourself at least once in your life. This will be my third time (and I still find something new each time) - but my first time with Leon.

So, Bangkok...On the first day we headed out with a full itinerary in hand, but ended up not using any of it. Instead the day went spontaneously. This temple, Wat Indraviharn, also known as the Giant Buddha temple, was not somewhere we planned but oh so worth it because...just look at that detailing on the temple walls. And it was gigantic. We got to this point by tuktuk that someone helped us get after taking a boat ride we did not plan to go on. I'll specify in my next post. Thai people are super nice and so effing helpful.

Outfit-wise, an easy, fun mix of these peach trousers and my teeny, tiny crop top. Birkenstocks that are comfortable enough to walk around in, and a small bag for the bare essentials. Lazy summer at its best.

I will try to post in a timely manner for my next post. But if you miss me, you can always find me on Instagram (@styleche). I think I've gone a little batshit crazy taking pictures hehehe...but so much to show you. Expect a travel diary soon!  See you - Che



  1. OMGosh. So. Cute. Love the crop top and trousers! Glad you are glad to be back!

  2. Beautiful style ! Your pants are perfect and I love your cute top :)

  3. Waht a nice outfit! I am in love the pants, they have sich a pretty colour :) Also your crop top is really nce and suits you very well! Nice combination :)
    Have fun in Bangkok! ♥

  4. Love navy and coral together...especially when polka dots are involved! :) Cute!
    xo Erin

  5. Wow, wow, wow, I wanne see that!! Temples are something we don't have (anywhere near) here. I've seen the castles and churches by now :P. Looking adorable Che!


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    1. Pfft! I've never seen a castle up close - you're so lucky and I'm so jealous!


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