Inspirations for the Home

It hasn't been all fashion all the time in my head recently, as I've gotten pretty obsessed with our home design project that I've started checking all these home design websites for the best ideas.

I don't think I'm very good with interior design, not good enough to turn it into something professional, in any case. But before now, I've always lived with my family and of course when there are six of you, designing the home with all your little knick knacks is definitely not an option. So, yes I'm so fxxkin' excited! Finally, my own space with Leon. you remember how you were gonna design your future home when you were younger? When I was around six, I was going to have a house that looked exactly like Barbie's dream house. Pink Ferrari included.

Then during my early years at college and getting the chance to travel, I thought myself a seasoned traveller (oh yes, embarrassing). I was also very single. So my idea of a dream house was a two-bedroom where I would design all my knick-knacks from my travels. Yes, my living room would be a mini museum and my bedroom would be pure white. The extra room would be dedicated to my closet, of course. 

Now, my idea of a dream house is somewhere that's part me, part Leon. I've always been a big fan of Mediterranean-style homes, you know, light blues and off-whites. White walls, dark wood floors (which, luckily, we have) and lots of plants and brass and homely, vintage stuff. I also want to have oriental influences that match Leon's heritage. Also, some pop-art. Ahhhh, so many choices! Just see above, these are some photos I have collected - part minimalistic nude tones, part art deco and young. I'll figure it out in time I suppose. I just wanted to share with you and ask your advice. Like, what should I do for table settings? And what paintings and artworks should I get?

So, expect some more of these posts soon, is it something you like seeing? Tell me in the comments below. See you soon - Che



  1. I wish I can get my hands on some of the wall decor in those pictures. Great post.

    Joy // Crystallists


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