Ice Blue Baby Pink

Top: Zara// Skirt and watch: ASOS// Shoes: MNG// Bag: Monki// Necklace: Forever 21// Sunnies: c/o Ana Jeffrey

This outfit was gonna be something else entirely, because originally I had planned to wear platform heels and teeny, tiny gold jewelry with this look. However, since it was errands day with so much to do and so much walking to go through, the idea of braving the summer heat in platforms was unbearable. So, instead, my comfy slip-ons and a mix of pastels and prints.

It's been a very productive week gals! I am so pleased to tell you that we have gotten everything in place - and have done so much progress on all our plans. Also, of course there was time for family, food and even more plans - this time surrounding a trip. Yep, we couldn't help it. In a fit of spontaneity we booked four nights in Thailand for after the wedding. Not so much planning involved, just thought about it for a week - and voila! So yes darlings - I'll be talking to you from Bangkok and Koh Samet pretty soon. That is, if I don't fall apart from stress the week before (I wish I was kidding)

So, I'll see you soon? What do you think about mixing pastel shades? - Che



  1. Still in love wiith those shoes *__* The sunglasses look amazing :)
    Have a nice day ♥

    1. Oh Minnie, they are super comfy and cool, really! I want to super glue them to my feet :)

  2. I love the pastel statement necklace and it is true that we should wear comfy shoes for a day of errands running. It kinda looks cool too.

    Thank you for visiting my blog a while back. I love seeing newcomers around and hope to see you around more often.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  3. Love your bag sooooo much!


  4. I really like your outfit and you look great. Thank you for commenting om my blog. Keep up the good work.



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