Tough as Pineapples

Crop Top: Cotton On// Shorts: Bershka// Blazer, sunnies and flats: Pull & Bear// Bag: Nessa

Firstly, okay so I am showing a lot more skin than usual, but to my defense I really believe extreme heat can justify various states of undress - and it is definitely hotter and stuffier than usual lately. Okay, so how does one ground down what can be called gym clothes? You know, a sports bra and shorts? One of my foolproof ways is to wear a blazer. For summer, it's the eponymous blazer-slung-on-shoulders-to-make-one-look-cooler look. Also, tough yet summer approved accessories like these no-nonsense pointed flats and metal sunnies.

Gosh I am addicted to these flats. They are like dominatrix-esque shoes in comfy flats form. Just in time to warm my heart too, since a recent, harmless night-out turned into a party frenzy where I lost my Zara flats - yep, these ones.

Life has continued to be good, yet also a little bittersweet. Let's just keep it at that. Sometimes I just wish it would move faster, but at the same time getting thrust into a place of unknown is a bit scary, but you know that's how you update yourself. Sigh...I need a breather - or more specifically gelato and cake. Tee hee...I'll see you soon sweeties! - Che



  1. I love the total ensemble! Everything looks gorgeous and so are you!
    I am now following you and hope to read more of your blogs :)

    Also, if you have time, you can visit my page at

    Thank you!

  2. I love those shorts on you. You've become one of my favorite blogger xx.

    1. Oh Olivia, that is such a big honor, believe me :) and you're not so bad yourself! You have amazing outfits all the time (I always check you out too)

  3. The outfit is really original and intriguing, nice choice! In addition, those photographs turned out so great as well.
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  4. What a cute outfit! Love everything :)
    The shirts are so pretty! Also your top is amazing :)
    Have a nice day ♥

  5. Sexy mamacita! Showing the perfect amount of skin for super hot summer days. I'm so jealous of your legs, they are so flawless and tight!


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