Luxe Tux

Vest and skort: Zara// Tee: Me & George Vintage// Chain: Stradivarius// Shoes: Natasha// Bag: Nessa// Sunnies: Bershka// Bracelet: Forever 21

I didn't plan on wearing matching Zara pieces, but Zara is amazing when it comes to perfectly fit, simple and basic stuff. The linen vest was bought during the heady red tag summer sale. It was on my wish list for a while now, but I never got around to getting it. Well, now I got it for so much less, tee hee. Too bad I couldn't show you a picture of the vest's back - the sheer panel is amazing.

I was gonna pair this outfit with a black shirt, but I think my camo tee gives the two-piece more deconstructed. Tee hee - oh, and black and gold accessories of course.

I'm feeling better, thanks for all the get-well-soons sweeties! After I recovered it was straight back to my mountain of errands. Whew...this is gonna happen for a few more months. But it is gonna work out for the best (yes, I'm quite the optimist today), I can feel it. Thank you for all the congratulations as well. Oh and, how would you wear a summer vest? Let me know. See you soon - Che



  1. yay for skorts!!! i have a blue one!!! :D such a stylish look, dear!

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  2. A blue one? I'm jealous - should've bought a blue one when I found it :) Thanks Libys!

  3. Happy to hear you feel better Che! Try to take it easy though, your body needs time to "heal". Eat enough fruits and veggies :).

    Looking aboslutely gorgeous. The vest is very cute! I like to combine vests with off shoulder shirts, I think it looks uber sexy. Sure it would look amazing on you as well :).


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  4. Wonderful heels beauty !
    I love your top too :)


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