Singapore Travel Diary

Top: New Look// Skirt and Chain: Stradivarius// Jacket: Tom Tailor (vintage)// Bag: Nessa// Shoes: Zara// Sunnies: c/o Ana Jeffrey

Ahhh, do I explain this place? It's super clean, very efficient, and is this bright myriad of colors all around. It is fun and easy, perfect for a five-day trip like what we went through. You wouldn't believe the meticulousness of this place, it's so damn neat and pretty. People are super well-mannered, not to mention hospitable and very proud of their city.

For this post, I decided to add two days together, since when we got off the plane and into the city, we dropped everything to finally try the Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool. How was it then? Well, let's just say it's a pool just like any other, filled with water and chlorine, but the view is unparalleled. No's breathtaking. I suggest to everyone going to Singapore to stay at least a day in this hotel, if only for the pool. It was funny because everyone was less concerned about swimming, and more concerned about taking the best available shot of the city below. Then when the sun set, we left in a hurry, got a quick bak kuh teh (local pork rib soup) dinner, celebrated life with drinks at Clarke Quay, and then retreated back to our room. Hey, after travelling for more than eight hours, we needed our beauty rest.

The following day was less relaxation and more touristy. Of course we hit the Merlion park - which is still an icon, and walked all around till our feet hurt. Everytime we stopped we ate something new - laksa, nasi lemak, biryani, bread with kaya, local ice cream in bread...mmmmm...talking about it is making me hungry again. Outfit-wise, it had to be simple, because in Singapore you will need to walk a lot. My flat loafers, a bright tee, and a denim jacket, just in case. Of course it was in 4th of July colors for good measure - hope everyone enjoyed the holiday =)

Oh, did I mention it rained pretty often, usually for an hour or so, and then become sunny again? But the air was clean and fresh, and the sun didn't just burst back into summer mode after the shower. It was refreshing as opposed to uncomfortable, not like another place we all know *cough* Macau *cough* brain is still on vacation, as usual. I'm finding it hard to get back to reality...but there are so many things looming in my future. Time to move forward - zoooommmmm! But in any case, I still have so much to show you, so see you soon? - Che



  1. What coolest photos!
    I love the pool!
    And you look great!

    Victim of my closet

  2. sound fun to be there xoxo

  3. Amazing pics Chezca! My fav is the pic in the pool! :)

  4. Woow, great photos, lovely! I really like that one with you in bikini and the skylines in the background. amazing :)
    Rathana xo

  5. Beautiful photos!! ;D <3

  6. OMG! Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool:DD When I was there years ago, I almost pissed in my pants
    cause I was a LITTLE(not a lot.) afraid - until I got to the edge and I saw that it wasn't so scary. The
    view's so pretty:D You look like you had a really fun holiday:DD The photos are incredible and beautifully
    shot. Your outfit is to die for and you guys as a couple are so cute:))

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

    1. Hi Charmaine! Yeah, I guess it would be a little alarming to think you can fall off haha :) But so worth the trip right? Thank you so much for your sweet words, and I was really so glad to finally meet you!


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