HK Airport

Tee: Stradivarius// Skirt and sunnies: Asos// Jacket: Tom Tailor (vintage)// Shoes: New Look// Bag: Nessa// Necklace: Girls Talk

Hello darlings! So before we finally got to Singapore, we had to wait two hours in HK Airport. Let me let you in on a little thing about me - I like airports. They're quiet, and they all have personalities, not to mention you can find anything you need in there. 'Well, unless you're in Macau International Airport, then there's nothing. It looked even shabbier once we got to HK Airport, with its complicated MRT transits, high-fashion shopping areas (hey, let's get Tiffany keys to blow off the time), and lots of dining options. 

I chose a simple, comfortable outfit for the day. I was still a little hungover (hence the shades and the poker face) so nothing complicated. It would just hurt my head even more.

Damn, I can't believe it's almost over. We're coming back a few hours later. Then it will be straight to HK Fashion Week Spring/Summer (tee hee) and to Sheraton Macao for my daddy's birthday. Whew...were gonna have a great July together! So see you soon? - Che



  1. wow you had your hands full this July Che, and fashion week? wow, just wow! ps. i love your sunnies!

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  2. Such a cute look, I love your sunglasses! ♥

  3. Love this combo. Thanks so much for your visit and comment. xoxoxo


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