Moments in October

October...a difficult month, and I guess you all know why already. But surprisingly, it ended on a high note. I got to watch 'Thor: the dark world' which I have been waiting for, have a nice party on Halloween night with Leon and his colleagues, and enjoy one free morning to have brunch and take pictures and do absolutely nothing. The last one is a gem. I don't do that very often anymore.

Some of October's other highlights? Coffee with my mom and Oktoberfest with my sister and friends. I'm just realizing now how much I really got to reconnect with my family this month. Oh yeah, and moving house to Macau. That hasn't been easy, believe me. It's a small wonder that I get to work on time =)

I also redesigned (again?!) this blog again. It has become a bit of a debbie downer lately, and who could blame it?? but now it's back on track with a minimalistic feel and even bigger photos. The template really tested my HTML skills (F-) and my patience. Well sweeties, what do you think of my blog's new space??

How was your October, sweeties? Were you as burnt out as I was (hopefully not)? And are you as excited as I am for Sweet November? Here's hoping November will be a little better.Well, my HK trip is in a few days, so I'll see you soon -Che



  1. October has just flashed by so quickly, hasn't it?! I love your pink jumper and gorgeous hat. Hope November treats you well xx

  2. You look awesome like all images.

  3. Looks like October was a super and stylish month for you!

  4. looks like you had lots of fun ^^ i lovee your sweater btw hihi <3 andd enjo your trip to Hk! xo

  5. love all pics!great post, looks like u spent nice time in October <3
    great blog, following!
    kisses x

  6. Nice post, I love your photos!

  7. hi dear thank you so much for visiting my blog =)
    keep in touch =)


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