Gray Matter

Sweater: thrifted// Vest: M&G Vintage// Skirt: c/o Front Row Shop // Bag: Bershka// Socks: Forever 21// Booties: Topshop

Grey is not the new black - but it does come pretty close.

It's funny how unassuming my outfit seems to be, because I managed to fit sequins and polkadots in this outfit without venturing into costume territory (I think, hehe). But I don't think that is on me in any way, and more on the basic color status of grey. I love grey! I don't believe it's the new black (Nothing can ever be the new black =P) but it comes just close second to my top most wearable colors, and I think that's not just for me, but a lot of people. Worn with another basic - the denim vest, and my new Balenciaga-esque booties from Topshop. Yep, if you look at my previous post, it was in the paper bag I was lugging around. They're actually quite heavy, but so worth the effort! Hahaha!

Anyways, I wore this outfit today for about a month's worth of errands I just couldn't finish. It was a dry but grey, hazy afternoon, probably my favorite weather unless it starts to rain (which it did but much later). Sigh...I had to run back and forth, making sure I could do everything within the day, and within the opening hours of each place. I'm pretty used to having enough time to sort everything out in my own pace...but on the bright side I'm getting really good at time-management. Kind of surprising to know once again that I am really growing up. Not a kid anymore. Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again, though. Anyways, if you're wondering - yes, I finished them all! The last one on my list being 'Pick up packages from post office' tee hee; the perfect end to a dreadful, rainy day. How's your week so far lovelies? Let me know! - Che



  1. Love your outfit you look great in.

  2. The cut of your skirt is so cool! I don't think I've seen something like that before, and you are definitely not in costume territory :) Great look

  3. Very pretty look of the day.


  4. looks the sequins...this proves they can be worn in a casual way.

  5. Your boots - amazing!

    Christina Klein

  6. I love you're skirt! Grey is an amazing colour on you :) X

  7. The sequins don't look costume like at all- in fact they're very subtle I didn't notice them at first
    You look great

  8. I so wish I could be a kid too :( Boo. Like they say, we may grow old but we don't have to grow up ;) I am loving the skirt!

    Mili from Call me, Maeby


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