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If you're looking to relax away from the hustle and bustle of HK...
I guess as an employee of the service industry, I've become super nitpicky about service when it's my turn to be the guest. Maybe it's because when it's me who has to deal with guests, I do the best I can, and so when I request something as a guest, of course I want the one serving me to give as much effort as I do to others. Nonetheless, Le Meridien blew me away. Okay so it didn't exactly gain any points for being on the other side of HK, so far far away from the center, but once you get there all tired and stressed out, you will hear one of best sounds in the world...silence. It's so peaceful. Like you're cut off from the world, just what I like when all I want is R&R.

Anyways, we booked the Ocean View room with free breakfast and the works. We were given a second to the last floor corner room with two full-length windows with a view of the pier. I had my morning coffee right there, just staring out the window watching the ships go by. Unfortunately, it was too chilly for a swim. Had breakfast at the club floor, in an outdoor seating area. As I said one of the main perks is the peace and calm. Everyone is moving slowly, enjoying their time, talking in hushed voices- it's so different from the noise I'm usually accustomed to! A piece of heaven for overly-stressed and weary me.

So, next time you're in HK looking for some R&R, you should try it out for yourself! Definitely returning soon =) Are there any hotels you have enjoyed so immensely? Let me know! See you soon - Che



  1. I need to relax this post put me there.

  2. Great pics, dear!


  3. Glad to hear you had a great time! It both looked and sounded very relaxing and nice :) Love your boots and curly hair! xx

  4. Hi Chezca! see that you spent a good time there, the photos did relax too, I like your leggings!



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