Wasted Sunlight

Sunnies: c/o Ana Jeffrey// Top: Valleygirl// Jeans: Mossimo// Heels: ASOS// Bag: New Look via ASOS


Two days before this shoot, Macau suddenly gave us beautiful, sunny and breezy weather. I was ecstatic, of course, but unfortunately, between Leon's schedule and mine, taking photos was impossible. So of course I couldn't wait for this day, which was his day off. Way to play tricks on me again! The weather turned for the worse, it was overcast and humid, again! It's so frustrating, because this outfit with yummy, bright sunshine could have been perfect..argh...it`s so frustrating!

This outfit occurred because of two - totally awesome - things: one, this top, which I thought I left behind in the Philippines, turned up in my closet. It was actually just lost with our mountain of clothes to be ironed. For months I searched, now I know it is here =) 

Two, these totally awesome alien eye shades (Carla says vintage, I say alien, what do you think??). I had a rude awakening that morning by Leon shaking me awake because someone was at the door with a package and he needed my I.D. For some reason I forgot where it was so we searched, and searched some more. I thought it was something for my mom, but actually, it was mine. The Ana Jeffrey shades I won from Carla's giveaway monthssssss ago. I had given up on it already, so it was a great surprise and really good news for me.

This is probably one of my fave outfits. It's simple, clean and a little forties with a twist. I love it, really!

Oh bittersweet day....sigh....anyways, see you soon sweeties,
- Che



  1. Love this outfit! Those sunglasses are beaut and love your pants too!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I love yours and have just followed :) would love if you followed back?

    Sophie x


  2. Haha love the alien-vintage sunnies! They're awesome. So glad you found this top as well, its perfectly coral and pretty!

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  3. Hey! Was blog hopping and I came to yours. Great outfit you got there!

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  4. I love the top you have on! It looks so cute! :D


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