So Vintage, So Spring

Trousers: local store// Cardigan: vintage// Top: G2000// Heels: Mana// Bag: New Look// Watch: Swatch

I think it's been obvious in my recent posts that although the weather continues to be cold and wet, the ship has sailed (at least to me) for chunky knits, scarves and general winter fare. Spring-ness has taken over, and I love it! This spring seems to be about more vintage-y looks and silhouettes. These trousers are my purchase number 2. There was a mint version which was equally awesome in its own way, but these navy ones spoke to me more. I love the fit, and they are so versatile that this will not be the last time you will see them on this blog! I already have dozens of great ideas in my head. 

Everything else are stuff I already own. Still remember my yummy crochet shoes?? 

Anyways, these were taken in some building's lobby. Well, the gate was open so we invited ourselves in...what can I say, it was close to the bank where I had some errands to do. Yep yep, this is an errands outfit (I changed my shoes) and then a BBQ party outfit for a friend's birthday. 

These shots are probably the first shoot Leon and I have done in weeks. We're both so busy nowadays that I have to ask my little sister to take photos for me instead - and while I will be eternally grateful for this, no one knows how to take photos for me better than Leon. He's the only one who can set my camera perfectly, knows how I like my shots, and is used to those weird requests that only us bloggers can ask, like 'I want to take these photos on that rooftop, let's just sneak in eventhough it's not our house' or 'can you bring my black boots, you know which ones...the black suede ones with those buckles?' and I completely love him for it.

I really hope we get more time soon. But for now, this is it, see you lovelies,

- Che



  1. such a cute outfit!

  2. Such and adorable outfit;-) Do visit my blog and If you like,follow me on GFC and Bloglovin and i'll surely follow back:-)

  3. You are rocking these trousers like no other. I love the polka dot print!

    Trendy Teal

  4. Great outfit! Beautiful pants!

    You want to follow each other in the GFC and Bloglovin?

    Best wishes,

  5. red & blue! just perfect! xxx

  6. i just wanted to stop over and thank you for your sweet comment on my flock together post : ) & now i'm glad I did, you look adorable girl!! love those polka dot slacks on you w/ the red cardi, great combo. & fun you're doing spring appropriate layers : )

  7. Love the way you blog and describe things, also I adore your heels! They're real cool! :)

  8. Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your pants, what a great shape and that cardigan is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your shoes rock! Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

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