April Tidbits

Voila! Another photo fest of epic proportions. Everytime I run out of things to post, you will be treated to one of these - all the other photos, Instagram and otherwise, that I take but do not post. It's been a busy month, with only a few days to breathe in between. So we make good use of it by hanging out and about.

See the little outfit post in between my photos? We braved heavy rains to make a short homage to Macau Tower for the day, go a little furniture window shopping and hang around in a small cafe around the island. When you are pressed for some quality time, it doesn't really matter what weather you find yourself in =) So, what else will be happening in April? Well, if you follow my instagram then you would have seen that we already have tickets for the Iron Man 3 movie for this week. I'm planning to get my boy the collector's item Iron Man 3D glasses set, but maybe a few days later! You will be able to see it too, because it will be on my page for sure!

So, see you soon,
- Che

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  1. Hi sweety!! Thanks for stopping by, I heartily appreciate it :)
    Beautiful pictures, i specially like your blazer !! Btw this is an amazing post!!
    Tell me about my new post at:

  2. Cool post, and I love your bag!


  3. cool outfit... love the shoes...


  4. nice outfit!


  5. This blazer and the complete outfit is really cool! Looks like you had a great day :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  6. dearie! love that pics and the leo-blazer is just amazing! thanks for the visit and the comment. really like your blog, so would love to stay in touch! let me know! love & cheers, tones.



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